Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mignola anuncia nueva colaboración con Corben.

De las páginas de CBR:

"CBR News: Mike, are we correct in the assumption that this is a follow-up to "Hellboy in Mexico?"

Mike Mignola: Yes. It is.
What made you want to return to this time in HB's life?

It was so much fun doing the first one! When I did the first one-issue comic, at the end Hellboy mentions that he doesn't remember what happened the rest of the time he was in Mexico. That was really going to be it, but then I just thought, the beauty of a chunk of time that he doesn't remember -- either he doesn't remember or he says he doesn't remember because he doesn't want to tell anybody what happened -- that's a great period to tell stories, because you can do the craziest stuff and maybe it really didn't happen, maybe he was so drunk he thought this is what happened. It kind of took on a life of its own.
This story, I made up because I saw how much fun Richard had doing the "Hellboy in Mexico" stuff and I wanted to do a Hellboy in Mexico story, so I made up this story for me -- and then realized it would be so much better drawn by Richard. So I turned it over to him. I've actually plotted a couple more stories that take place in this chunk of time. So it's really that whole lost weekend. Five months in Mexico is going to be a significant chunk of Hellboy stories."
Si eres tan hombre, sigue leyendo la entrevista en Comic Book Resources.

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